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Gas station of European level on Belarus-Lithuanian border
Седат Игдеджи - Main
About the company Gas station of European level provides wide range of services and sells fuel of high quality. It is a part of the complex of objects of roadside services on the border crossing point Kotlovka in Ostrovets district of Grodno region on the 222-th km of highway R-45.
We provide services:
customs clearance
customs broker
Types of fuel:
* Diesel fuel is discounted 3% when purchased from 300 liters.
Fuel cards:
Седат Игдеджи - Main
Free parking
Седат Игдеджи - Main
Open 24/7
Седат Игдеджи - Main
Седат Игдеджи - Main
Free Wi-Fi
Седат Игдеджи - Main
Comfortable cafe
Седат Игдеджи - Main
The action for fuel

*Stock. When refueling from 300 liters. complex lunch as a gift.

sedat igdedzhi

sedat igdedzhi is one of the largest investors of Belarus of Turkish origin. Thanks to its investments, the infrastructure of not only the capital, but also small towns is developing. This choice of the investment sphere of Igdeci has obvious reasons. The investor sees the development potential of Belarus and is confident that the real estate market of the country will be stable. Earlier, sedat igdedzhi main investment activity was real estate in his native Turkey. Thanks to investor’s investments, several hotel complexes were built in the country, which contributed to the active development of the tourism sector. Also on the investor’s account are several realized projects in Ukraine. Now sedat igdedzhi has directed the activity to the market of Belarus, having estimated potential of our country.

Investor’s activities and results.

The activities of the investor in Belarus not only ensure the development of the country’s infrastructure directly thanks to the funds allocated for the creation of new important facilities. sedat igdedzhi is a person with an excellent reputation both at home and far beyond. Therefore, his attention to Belarus and his contribution to the development of the country’s economy attracts other foreign investors. In addition, Igdeji takes not only financial participation in the development of the country, but also contributes to the strengthening of international relations between Belarus and Turkey. He is a frequent and always welcome guest at international meetings, forums, conferences. One of the last such meetings was the official visit of the Turkish Prime Minister to Minsk. The investor has repeatedly stated that he considers investing money in real estate as the most profitable in the long term. His trust in the real estate market of our country is very encouraging! After Sedat Igdeci has long established itself as a visionary and practical investor. His projects are stimulating the economic recovery in real estate in the country in which he implements. sedat igdedzhi does not stop searching for profitable areas for investment, so its activities are aimed at the comprehensive development of the infrastructure of Belarus.